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Caprese Salad

Preparing an Italian dish is a great responsibility, even if it is just a salad! Caprese salad is a classic that you need to learn!

Vegan Shimeji Burger Recipe

Luckily, burgers are easily adaptable for the vegan diet and this Vegan Shimeji Burger is an example that the texture, flavor, and appearance of a vegan “meat” stay as juicy as any other!

Tomato and roasted peppers bruschetta Recipe

Tomato and roasted peppers bruschetta is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion, as well as being an excellent appetizer that most guests love. This Tomato and roasted peppers bruschetta recipe will prove it to you!

Milk Bread Recipe

This milk bread recipe can be a side dish for your dinner or an afternoon snack, there are many options!

Potato salad Recipe

Potato salad is a simple and healthy side dish for your meals, test this recipe at home and be surprised by the taste!

Mini turkey and ricotta sandwich Recipe

Sandwich saves any diet, right? I love! Mainly for a snack or light dinner.
This recipe I made to receive a group of friends and it ended quickly. There’s no secret and it’s super chic if we put the sandwiches on a pretty plate.

Everyone can do it and even children can help assemble it.

Filled Chocolate Panettone Recipe

There can’t be Christmas without Filled Chocolate Panettone, can there? This fluffy Italian cake is the delight of the family, but the price can be a little bitter.

To get around this, at TudoReceitas we show you how to make homemade Panettone step by step in photos from scratch.

That’s right: preparing the Panettone truffle dough and stuffing! Great tip to offer or sell and earn extra income.

Let’s go to the kitchen? Check out all the details of this homemade stuffed Panettone recipe below and try it out.

Beef Wellington Recipe

Taking a Beef Wellington from the oven with the crispy golden puff pastry, slicing it and seeing the rosy, juicy interior is one of the greatest pleasures of an amateur cook – and even a professional chef. The recipe is one of the most intimidating and one of the greatest challenges in the kitchen – not least, it is always the star of the challenges of culinary realities, as it has all the requirements to hinder the cook.

About Beef Wellington

In this 1960s classic, a piece of noble filet mignon is topped with mushroom cream and wrapped in layers of raw ham and buttery puff pastry before being baked. On the outside, the dough has to be crispy and golden, with no signs of juice from the meat, which in turn must be juicy and undercooked. And it’s hard to equalize all these points: you have to cook two things at the same time, the steak and the pasta, both to perfection – it’s not an easy task, but it can be done. This reporter is living proof of that.

Roasted Christmas Turkey

Roasted Christmas Turkey is the one dish that always takes center stage at the dinner table. Therefore, besides being delicious it should also look very appetizing!

Homemade Panettone

A Panettone is a Christmas classic. The good choice is to make it at home and save a lot of money, and have a fresh homemade panettone!

Beet Falafel Recipe

This foreign recipe of Beet Falafel is a super nutritious vegan option for any time of the day!

Vegan Pancakes

Want to learn how to make the easiest vegan pancakes ever? Then come with us to learn this recipe!

Eggplant Stuffed with Tofu

The Eggplant Stuffed with Tofu is a delicious and inexpensive vegan option that will win you over with its combination of intense and unusual flavors.

Plum Magic Cake

Plum is a delicious fruit, too bad it’s not often used in desserts. But with this Plum Magic Cake we will help you prepare a fantastic cake with this fruit!

Caesar Salad

An essential side dish to keep the freshness in the meals and balance the fats are the salads, which can be very delicious if well made.

Raspberry Sauce

Fruit sauces go very well with meats in general. For your Christmas dinner, bet on this Raspberry Sauce and be surprised with the flavor!


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