The best recipes to make a complete fit Christmas dinner!

December 20, 2021
This Christmas, don’t choose between eating well or staying healthy. Do both with these recipes for a fit Christmas dinner!

End of the year and the story is always the same: we eat non-stop for Christmas dinner (and the following days because of the leftovers) and spend the new year making a promise to start the year healthier, right?

How about this year changing this routine and making a complete, juicy and healthy fit Christmas dinner to start the year with one less thing to worry about?

Why make a fit Christmas dinner?

Even if you’re not a person who usually eats a lot, we all (everyone) lose our way at Christmas dinner, that’s a fact. This excuse of “it’s only once a year” earns us some pounds that are hard to lose.

In these cases, stopping this “start the diet on Monday” and meeting this challenge of turning the biggest holiday of the year into a healthier occasion will make you start the year healthier and more committed to your goals.

If you are already fit on a daily basis, you won’t compromise your whole routine and work to eat much more than you can really handle just for one night, will you?

Will a fit Christmas dinner compromise the taste of my dishes?

Of course not! Let’s put an end to this myth that fit foods are bad. The truth is that not everyone knows how to make it, but with the right recipes (ours), making food that is as healthy as it is delicious becomes easier and easier.

Any dish can be adapted to a healthier routine, and in this list of fit Christmas dinner you’ll find a few such cases.

Ready? Let’s go to our list of fit Christmas dinner!

Caprese Salad

Salad is a must for every meal. It cuts the fat from other dishes and gives that needed freshness between so many side dishes.

fresh italian salad antipasto called caprese with buffalo mozzarella sliced tomatoes basil with olive oil ingredients vegetarian caprese salad italian food top view rustic style
The best recipes to make a complete fit Christmas dinner! 13

And to break the myth that salad is “boring” and “tasteless”, try this caprese salad recipe and prove that salads are as delicious as any side dish!

Brown rice with sesame and cashew nuts

A healthy and simple side dish for your Christmas dinner is Brown rice with sesame and cashew nuts. It’s simpler than the name, I promise!

To have a healthy and filling fit Christmas dinner, you better have this delicious side dish along!

Mini turkey and ricotta sandwich

Waiting until midnight to eat proves to be a challenge every year. So having a starter is necessary to calm the spirits and ensure that the platters are full by 12:00!

8 mini sanduiche blanquet 1536x649 1
The best recipes to make a complete fit Christmas dinner! 14

For that case, the mini turkey and ricotta sandwich is the most delicious option. With light flavors, but elements that fill up fast, you join the useful to the pleasant and everyone waits until the 24th turns.

Apples and Raisin Cake 

Now to desserts of your fit Christmas dinner: apples and Raisin Cake is very Christmassy in its ingredients and has another big advantage: it is healthier than most cakes!

We know it’s a simple dessert, but it’s better to go for a simple dish and do it perfectly than to take a chance with something too complex and not get the result you were hoping for.

Roasted Christmas Turkey

Poultry and fish are the best proteins for those on a diet. Since it’s Christmas, of course we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to add a delicious Turkey to our list.

christmas table served with turkey decorated with bright tinsel candles 1
The best recipes to make a complete fit Christmas dinner! 15

What you can do to keep this recipe from getting too greasy is to use less oil in the preparation, fill it with lighter components, and use less salt.

Vegan Spinach Meatballs

Assuming that being vegan doesn’t make you healthy, we have set aside this lighter and very tasty recipe, which can even be used as a side dish or appetizer (for vegans or non-vegans)!

This super simple recipe requires little effort and a very short preparation time. See how to make it by clicking the button below:

Eggplant Stuffed with Tofu

Another very simple and tasty dish, Eggplant Stuffed with Tofu has many varieties and can be stuffed with thousands of other combinations!

 fit Christmas dinner
The best recipes to make a complete fit Christmas dinner! 16

You won’t regret preparing this dish for Christmas! See the recipe below:

Did you like our recipes?

We hope that these recipes for a fit Christmas dinner helped you a lot! If you liked them, please leave a comment and share your recipes so that the Reciperie team can continue presenting you with amazing recipes for all occasions.

Until next time and Happy Holidays!


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