10 unforgettable desserts for Christmas dinner!

December 21, 2021
Desserts for Christmas dinner are a very important part of Christmas planning, and the sooner you decide on your dessert this year, the better!

One of the parts we look forward to most at Christmas is trying all those delicious desserts, right? This year, make some of these desserts for Christmas dinner and be dazzled by the flavor you will get!

The desserts for Christmas dinner

The Christmas season brings some pretty controversial ingredients to recipes, like candied fruit and raisins. We have recipes for those who like them and those who aren’t a big fan, too.


Tell me an occasion where brownies don’t go perfectly together! Of course, at Christmas, we can choose to make more rare recipes during the year. But some people prefer to stay on the safe side of the Christmas dinner.

desserts for christmas dinner
10 unforgettable desserts for Christmas dinner!

No problem at all! If everyone loves this recipe and you make it better than anyone else, serve the best brownies your family has ever eaten at Christmas dinner this year!

Filled Chocolate Panettone

If your family is in the habit of eating panettone at Christmas, then everyone will freak out when you come up with this chocolate-filled panettone!

Who doesn’t love stuffed foods? Even more with chocolate! It is not a very simple recipe, but it is worth all the effort (and can even become a business).

Homemade Panettone

We mentioned the chocolate-filled panettone above, but if you want something simpler, opt for making homemade panettone.

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10 unforgettable desserts for Christmas dinner!

As we also said above, homemade panettone production can be a very promising business for those who prefer to be self-employed!

Apples and Raisin Cake

A very simple desserts for christmas dinner that suits any occasion is cakes. So let’s think: what should a cake have in order to adapt to the Christmas theme?

Raisins are a must! Apples are the face of Christmas and the best thing is that this recipe is very simple. Anyone can make it and make it delicious!

Vegan Apple Pie

The larger your family, the more likely you are to have a vegan relative or guest. This diet has grown a lot all over the world, and today we can already meet vegans on the street (or at home).

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10 unforgettable desserts for Christmas dinner!

Of course, if the Christmas dinner is at your house, we don’t want the mischief of someone not being able to eat anything. So, it’s always good to have a restrictive dish. But don’t worry, it is very simple to make and everyone can eat it without noticing that it is vegan!

Plum Magic Cake

Another very Christmassy dessert that can be part of your desserts for Christmas dinner is the plum magic cake! It has the intense flavor of plums, which are a very Christmasy fruit!

This is a cake that will surprise, not just a simple cake. Make it and see how delicious this recipe is!

Condensed Milk Pudding

This desserts for Christmas dinner is very popular among Brazilians for one reason: it is irresistibly delicious! If you have ever tried it, you know what I am talking about.

pudim de leite condensado
10 unforgettable desserts for Christmas dinner!

Another striking point is that it has only 5 ingredients and a basic preparation that doesn’t take up much of your time. If you’ve been waiting for a different recipe to try this Christmas, it’s Condensed Milk Pudding.

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Now let’s go to the classic of all Christmases, the Gingerbread Cookies! This desserts for Christmas dinner is a lot of fun to prepare, so it’s a good opportunity to get the kids cooking!

They love it, we love it, and it’s a chance to create a family tradition every Christmas. Try it out in your home and let us know if you like the idea!

Gingercake House

For those who have plenty of time and like to keep traditions, the gingercake house is the perfect desserts for Christmas dinner. You need patience and time to make it, okay?

10 unforgettable desserts for Christmas dinner!

But in the end it looks beautiful and delicious, and it really brightens up the room and entertains the kids!

Vegan Christmas Pudding

Another vegan dessert option for Christmas dinner is vegan christmas pudding. This is a classic Christmas recipe adapted for the vegan version, and it comes close in flavor!

Did you like these desserts for Christmas dinner?

We hope these recipes make your Christmas day a lot easier! If you like our list, leave a comment, share with your friends, and check out our special daily updates for Christmas on Reciperie!


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